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Fear is a normal reaction of our body that helps to save in dangerous situations or to keep us from entering harmful situations. So, fear is not a disease, it’s a healthy part of life. Usually, fear or even phobia is based on the negative experience you had. For example, your mother was afraid of spiders or a dog attacked you when you were a child. In this video, you will find funny but true scenes about the most common human fears. A lot of people are afraid of spiders, it’s a very common phobia. Most of us have watched a lot of scary films about spiders that kill a lot of people. But remember that only a tiny percent of spiders is poisonous. One more fear we have from childhood is a fear of the dark. It’s a fear of something that could be in the shadows or under the bed. Have you ever thought that you had left the iron on? And you are pretty sure that you turned it off, but you have a frightening feeling.
Boys and girls are from different planets and we have a funny compilation about these differences! Watch this video and you will find out why girls spend so much time in the restroom, how boys and girls react to the breakup, the difference between boy’s and girl’s routine. Girls have a lot of various clothes and shoes and all the wardrobes at home are full of their clothes. And boys usually have a couple of t-shirts and a pair of pants. But living with a boyfriend have some surprises… socks are everywhere! How many pairs do you have? A hundred or a thousand?
As a bonus, you will find a compilation of scenes about the difference between the first month of relationships and a year.

00:09 Common fears
02:20 Are you afraid of spiders?
03:55 Living together: funny moments
07:44 Morning routine: boys vs. girls

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