UNIQUE fall home decor DIY's | You will be shocked to see these what I do with these decor pieces


Hello everyone! I am super excited to show you these unique finds and how I turn them into beautiful fall decor diy’s! Be creative, get inspired, and have fun!

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  1. I love the first one. 🧡🎃I have something similar with a heart on top. I had it in A box to give away. I am going to redo it. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I love everything you do !! —-I could kick myself!! I recently threw out some old ping pong paddles. 😱. I need to learn to look at things differently!! —-The throat thing happens to me every year. Feels like something is in my throat. Can’t cough it out. I feel fine otherwise. It messes up my voice. Then it disappears ! So weird. 🤔

  2. I love everything you did today Sammy I love the upcycle a lot better than the Dollar tree stuff anything's fine with me you know that I'm here for a girlfriend love the inspiration and I can hear Montgomery in the background she's so pretty

  3. OMG… I LOVE that black and white Aztec type ribbon! Where did you get that? I can't get over how creative you were with those paddles either. I also learned from you to put a pin in my ribbon to keep it from unrolling! Simple, but SO HELPFUL!

  4. Girl, no problem!! I’m eating allergy meds!!
    Oh! My daughter is having a girl in December. Her name will be Cordelia Rose after my and my husband’s moms.
    Go into your laptop settings and find notifications. You can search “how to turn off notifications” and it will send you there.

  5. Sorry I missed the live. Late dinner tonight. I love these especially the ping pong paddles. And the florals on the blackboard are gorgeous. I’m so happy to see you doing up cycles and not DollarTree which you know I’m not a fan of. Hearing Montgomery is such a sweet sound. Thanks Sammie 😍🎃

  6. I love upcycled projects!!! More, more!!! I have a shelf mirror just like the one you have. Now I know what to do with it! Thx for the sharing of talent & ideas! And I've always thought hoarsey voices were sexy, so now I guess you are the total package. 😁 you've got looks, talent & a sexy sultry voice!. Love ya Sammie. You're still #1!

  7. Sammie I love the ping pong paddles. You have such a great eye for looking beyond the items you find. Love it. And thank you for doing the thrift finds and flips I like a change from the DT crafts. Take care and feel better.

  8. Lol you are to much & love it, & girl the paddles off the wall to cool love them and well loved them all, the window/ shelf, and pumpkin signs are my favorites, hope you & family are doing well tfs. Big Thumbs Up 👍🥰🙏

  9. Wow 🤩 you knocked them all outta the park girl 🙌🏻💗💗💗. What a genius idea with those ping pong 🏓 paddles. I want to find some paddles now 🙌🏻. Thanks so much !!!!

  10. I absolutely love the decoupage – omg the napkin was beautiful! As always, very creative and inspirational! I LOVE what you do and I am so happy I found you on YouTube!

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