KINDNESS IS SO SIMPLE || Don’t be indifferent to others

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How to be kind to everyone around you!

It’s quite rare to meet kind people during our time. So, in this video, I show you small acts of kindness that will make everyone around you happy.
If you see a homeless person in the cold, you can offer them some blankets, gloves and some shoes to keep them warm. Sometimes, you can even give them a nice warm meal to help them stay cozy.
When you see someone working in the cold, it’d be great to offer them a hot beverage – such as tea or coffee. Just to keep them going and keep them warm.
Some people can’t afford even the basic things, and when it comes to kids, they all want that one toy it’s impossible to afford. So, if you happen to see someone looking at something in the shop that they love, but they can’t get, why not put a smile on their face and buy it for them?
Kindness and generosity always have a way of circling around. By doing good, you’ll get something good and you’ll feel full-filled.

0:07 – Small acts of kindness to try this winter
3:27 – How to care for others
6:26 – Kindness is a boomerang
7:47 – Making the world a better place
8:45 – Types of people
11:07 – When you try to help others


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