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Kindness is very important as it can literally change the world and even save it. Simple acts of kindness make the world better, for example, you can help the stranger on the street, hold the door, say something nice to your colleague, share food or give money to someone who needs it. One day your kindness might save someone’s life. Moreover, it’s very important to treat people how you would like to be treated and the result will be positive. It may sound crazy but being kind can positively affect your health. Release of hormones strengthens your heart and make you feel better. The best thing is that kindness works like a boomerang and comes back to you. People might remember that once you helped them and likely will help you when you badly need it.
We share one more video that shows how cool to have a friend who always cares about you. A good friend always knows how to help you, what do you like and knows how it’s important to be a good listener. For example, friends always help each other with homework, kitchen problems, studying, relationships and more. It’s so cool to have a friend that will support you in any situation even if you are far away from each other!

00:09 The importance of kindness
04:48 Always help needy people
07:49 When your friend is better than you
10:51 Friendship is a treasure

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