How to Make : Origami Chinese Flower Vase

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Check this video for step by step instruction on how to make Origami Chinese Flower Vase.


1) Take a colour sheet of 15 X 15 cms.
2) Roll your paper in to “S” as shown to make creases, seperating the paper in to three.
3) Now do the same on the other side.
4) Your sheet will look like this with 9 parts.
5) Now fold an edge in to the nearest crease.
6) Do the same on the other sides.
7) Now fold an edge to the farther crease as shown.
8) Repeat it witht he other sides too.
9) Your sheet will look like this.
10) From the centre you will have three crease on each sides.
11) Fold the middle crease from one side to the centre as shown.
12) Do the same with the other side, so both the middle crease meet at centre.
13) Turn the paper and do the same as shown.
14) Your sheet will look like this.
15) Flip the sheet and make a crease in the middle of the sides as shown.
16) Now make a crease in the middle section and fold it back to make a diamond as shown.
17) Do thew same with other sides too.
18) Your sheet will now look like this.
19) Now flip the sheet again and fold in from the middle edge as shown to make creases.
20) Then fold the sheet so that both sides meet at centre.
21) Turn and do the same. but make sure the edges are sneaked in as shown.
22) Your sheet will now look like this.
23) Now fold the centre tips inwards as shown.
24) Now gently push from the centre and pull the folds of the sheet to reveal the vase.

Decorate it with paper flowers as you like…. 🙂

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