DIY Pearl Bangles

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Bangles are that jewellery that goes well with almost every outfit, be it formal, traditional, or western. And embellished pearl bangles are the best accessory to wear with any traditional outfit. So, why not make some ourselves?

Silk threads
Bangles (thick)
Pearl beads

Buy scissors –
Buy sewing kit –

1. Take any coloured silk thread and wrap it around a paper or cardboard.
2. Bunch the multiple layers of thread together and cut it as shown.
3. Apply glue on one and spread it evenly with your fingers so the threads stay together. Cut the edge off so the end looks even.
4. Apply glue on the inside of a bangle and stick the end of the thread as shown.
5. Wrap the bangle with the thread until the bangle is completely covered.
6. Glue the ends of the thread together and cut off the excess as shown.
7. Now, insert the silk thread through the eye of a needle.
8. Insert the small pearl (beads) into the needle on after the other until you have enough to cover the entire bangle’s outer surface.
9. Apply some strong glue on the outside surface of the bangle and place the strings of pearls (beads) on it. Hold it in place until the glue dries and the pearls are stuck in place.
10. Once the pearls are stuck in place, apply some glue on the inside of the bangle and paste another bunch of silk thread as shown.
11. Now, circle the thread around the bangle, passing from between every two pearls as shown.
12. Again, Glue the end of the thread in place on the inside surface of the bangle and cut off the excess.
13. Voila! Your glamorous thread bangles are ready to rock the floor.

1. You may use embroidery thread instead of silk thread if you wish to.
2. Use a bunch of different coloured threads to get a multicolour bangle.
3. You can use any other type of bead instead of a pearl.
4. Make sure the hold in the pearl is big enough for a small needle to pass through it.

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