DIY Paper Lotus

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DIY Paper Lotus
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DIY PAPER LOTUS | Origami Flower
Craft paper

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1. Take a small piece of paper of size 6cm*12cm.
2. Fold the paper in half along the shorter side as shown.
3. Fold the corners of the paper so they align with the center crease.
4. Fold the two longer sides to meet at the center crease.
5. Now, fold at the center crease outwards.
6. Make 7 more pieces of paper of the same size and color into this shape by following the same steps, and 4 of these of the same size but of a green color. Set the green colored ones aside.
7. Place one into the other so that you have 4 such shapes.
8. Hold the four together and tie a rubber band in the center to hold it in place.
9. Gently pull the four away from each other on either side so it looks like a flower.
10. Pull the layers of alternative petals apart and push the top layer outwards as shown.
11. Now, do the same with the other 4 petals.
12. Open up the folding of the bottom layers of the 8 petals as shown.
13. Hold the four green folded papers together and tie them together with a rubber band.
14. Gently pull the four away from each other on either side so it looks like a flower.
15. Open up the folding and curl the petals inwards as shown.
16. Place the pink colored flower on top of it.
17. Voila! Your pretty Lotus is ready for display. Make as many as you wish.
1. Use a thicker paper for a sturdier flower.
2. You may use glue to hold your petals and flower in place if you wish to.

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