DIY: A Rose Box Container

Check out this video on how to make this pretty Rose Box.
Steps: 1) Take a square sheet of 20X20cms.
2) Simply make a mark in the centre of a side and at 1/4th like shown.
3) Now make a half crease in the centre of those marks as shown.
4) Do the same on all four sides.
5) Now, make a full crease in-between the side and the half crease, do on all four sides.
6) Your creases will look like this.
7) If you have a doubt, watch one more time from the beginning 😛
8) Now fold diagonally to make a crease only at the tip like shown.
9) Unfold and repeat on the other two tips.
10) Your creases are ready. Now be ready to fold the rose!
11) Squeeze hold the tip while folding-in two adjacent sides like shown.
12) Now do the same on the other sides as well, Your sheet will now look like this.
13) Flip the sheet and make diagonal creases on the eges as shown.
14) Turn it, Now bring the edge flap inward while folding the sides to 90 degrees.
15) Rest the flap to one side as shown
16) Do the same on all four sides.
17) Your rose container is almost ready.
18) Do some small tweaking on the petals as shown and voila! Rose Container is done!

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