CUTE PANCAKE ART || 23 Simple Yet Cool Dessert Ideas

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Pancakes are one of the best choices for breakfast no matter where you live. There are many ways to eat pancakes and you can choose various combinations of flavors like Nutella and banana or lemon and sugar. Moreover, pancakes are so easy to cook and even kids can cook them. Pancakes are not only delicious but you can also cook very beautiful pancakes of various shapes. Pancake art is a way to create colorful pancakes and even pictures using pancake batter. We prepared a satisfying video with tutorials on how to make amazing pancakes.
Ordinary pancakes look rather boring and we prepared an easy tutorial on how to make cute little pancake pops that kids and adults will love. Firstly, heat a non-stick pan, drop tablespoons of pancake dough onto the preheated surface. Lay a stick into the center of a pancake and cover with dough. Turn after a minute or two. Serve with any syrup you like.
My favorite breakfast is pancake rolls with smoked salmon and avocado. Spread each pancake with creamy cheese, top with avocado and salmon slices. Roll each pancake and cut to make small rolls. It’s not only a cool breakfast idea but also could be served as an appetizer. Also, you can prepare super delicious Nutella pancakes for breakfast. Freeze a bit of Nutella and add it to the pancake mix. Enjoy!

00:09 Pancake art
05:50 Perfect pancake recipes
06:27 Pancake pops
07:46 Pancake roses
11:53 Marshmallow sandwich

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