34 Funny Situations On Dates || FIRST DATE FAILS

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HILARIOUS SCENES FROM REAL LIFE Many of us had awkward and incredibly funny dating situations that are worth to share. Check out this video and prepare to laugh as you will love dating stories we share! Sometimes date could be a real disaster! How many kinds of girls have you met on the first date? What kind of girl is worst for you? I think that the worst one is extremely jealous! Ugh! Same story with girls that spy on you every minute. Or that one that talks all the time? I bet you will love the list of “worst dates in history’’. One more collection of hilarious scenes is about the difference from the first date and long-term relationships. If you compare your first date and long-term relationships, you will find many adjustments. At first, there is a distance between partners as they don’t want to look silly in front of each other. When people start dating, they are usually very shy and try to look as good as possible. Girls usually pretend that they eat only one salad per day and beauty routine takes hours to look the best way possible. Girls are afraid that boyfriend will see them without makeup in the morning and shave legs every day. During the first year of dating ladies prefer to look as sexy as possible and wear high heels, sexy and uncomfortable dresses. But a year later everything changes and we share a funny selection of relationship changer after a year of dating. Don’t forget to share this cool video with your friends and share your funny stories about first dates! TIMESTAMPS: 00:09 Types of girls at first dates 02:57 The girl that eats too much 03:28 Common awkward situations 03:53 First date vs. long-term relationships

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