5-Minute Crafts

You will love this video as it is full of cool kitchen ideas that will help you to make delicious and quick dishes. Moreover, there are a lot of tips that will speed up the kitchen routine! Use French Press to make whipped cream for coffee. Fill the French press halfway with heavy cream and pump the lever up and down. It will be a perfect cream for coffee. Use grill rack to cut eggs the quickest way possible. Simply genius and an incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis – cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. Now it’s so easy to cook fruit salads! Caramel popcorn is the best choice when you want to eat something delicious while watching a film. Take a pan and melt butter and caramel candies. Add kernels and cover with a lid. You will love this incredible taste! The next recipe is also amazing! The next cooking idea looks crazy but you can cook salmon in the coffee maker. The basket of the top of the coffee maker is the perfect place to steam vegetables. The carafe could be used as a vessel for poaching salmon. Watch the full tutorial!
The next recipe is also amazing! If you are waiting for guests and don’t have enough time to prepare a cake or pie crust, try to make a marshmallow pudding in 15 minutes! You will love this quick and easy recipe. Besides, it’s a cool way to reuse milk carton. In a milk carton mix 0.3 l of milk, marshmallows, and two eggs. Microwave for 10 minutes. Cover this pudding with chocolate. Enjoy!

00:09 Crazy kitchen ideas
01:50 How to cut fruits and vegetables
04:18 Caramel popcorn
05:06 How to cook salmon
06:02 Baked spaghetti

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