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Magic tips and tricks to try at home

Ok fellow magicians. In this video, I show you some cool life hacks that are almost visual illusions.
You can hold a glass on top of the water and then slowly submerge it underwater by keeping it straight. You’ll see that it will start floating and you’ll be able to keep it in water.
Board markers don’t really stain. They have some sort of chemical in them that allows them to be peeled from any surface without seeping through materials.
If you place a glass of water in front of a photo and you fill it up with water, then the photo flips horizontally.
I also show you an awesome trick that can make something solid you touch, to become liquid. You add some colored water in a bowl filled with starch. – You mix the two really well and then you tab it hard. With force it becomes solid and when left alone it becomes liquid. This is the non-Newtonian fluid.
I also show you some other science experiments. For example, melting a lipstick in a bowl filled with ice-water. Because the lipstick has a wax-like effect, it will not blend with the liquid and it will just float there as an abstract shape.

0:26 – Awesome card trick
1:25 – How to connect two paper clips using a piece of paper
2:48 – How to calculate your age using this simple trick
4:53 – Sprite and raisins experiment
5:39 – Acetone vs Styrofoam
7:09 – Mentos vs coke
9:17 – The moving tin can
11:17 – Static electricity experiment


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