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Science could be very fun! We prepared tricks that you can show your friends during the party. Here is a collection of water tricks that will totally amaze your guests! You can do all the tricks only using the thing you already have at home! Let’s start!
Pour water into a plastic bottle. Cover the glass with a wet cloth and fix with a rubber band. Flip the bottle and the water won’t pour out. The secret of this trick is water surface tension.
The next experiment is a cool experiment for kids! Take a piece of foil and draw a small spider with a marker. Pour water on the spider, take a straw and blow on a spider. Draw another spider and start racing! They are moving!
To perform the next trick, you will need two identical glasses, food coloring, water, oil spirit, soap and a thin piece of plastic. Pour oil spirit and food coloring in the first glass and water and water, soap and food coloring in the second one. Place a plastic card on the second glass and push a bit. Flip the glass and immediately place over the first glass. Watch the magic!
Another cool experiment we want to share is really jaw-dropping! Pour water into a clear cup and heat in microwave for 8 minutes. Now put a pencil into the water. Yes, the water is boiling! You can also put knife or sugar in the water to perform this trick.
Watch our video to find more mind-blowing science experiments and you will change your opinion that science a very boring thing!

00:09 Microwave magic
01:16 Trick with Bengal lights
02:02 Racing spiders
05:49 Simple fire magic trick
10:22 DIY Snow globe

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