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Check out a collection of best homemade remedies that will help you to survive this winter:
-You can prepare a very effective cold remedy at home from ginger and Coke. Slice ginger and put into the pan, pour Coke and boil. After that pour into a cup and add some honey and drink
-Sore throat causes lots of discomforts and you can make sore throat gummies with ginger, lemon, and honey. These gummies do not contain chemicals and work perfectly! Follow these steps: pour two glasses of water into the pan and put sliced ginger. Boil for 20 minutes. Strain sliced ginger and add lemon juice and honey to the ginger water. Next, add gelatin and stir. Pour the liquid into silicone molds and let cool
-Peppermint is a perfect remedy for toothache. Prepare peppermint tea and leave for 20 minutes. Drink and forget about the toothache
– You will be surprised but tomato juice has a healing effect and is widely used to cure blisters. Watch our tutorial on how to quickly treat blisters with a tomato slice
-Sometimes it’s hard to relax after a difficult day and you can suffer from insomnia. You can make an essential oil for sleep at home. Mix 20 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of ylang-ylang oil and coconut oil. Apply this oil on your neck before sleep
-A hangover is an annoying problem, especially if you had a very cool party before. You will be surprised but orange will help you to save the situation. Eat an orange in the morning and drink a lot of water. It will help you to stay hydrated. Moreover, vitamin C accelerates metabolism and you will feel much better


01:34 Best cold remedy
02:10 Essential oils for insomnia
05:19 Hangover?
07:52 Bananas for cramps
12:00 Avocado mask for dry hair

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