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We all go through little annoying moments quite often. But, in this video, I show you some smart solutions on how to solve them.
If your jeans feel too skinny and you can’t put them on, simply add a pair of plastic bags on your legs and then put on your jeans on top. The plastic bags will help the denim fabric slide on your leg easier.
I show you how to shorten your trousers using bobby pins. You simply fold them at the bottom and then attach the bobby pin at the back where it isn’t visible.
Another genius clothing hack is to use a men’s tie to keep your jeans in place instead of a belt.
I also have some sweet makeup hacks for you too. For example, when doing your eyeliner and you’re struggling to make it even on both eyes, you can use some concealer to correct it instead of removing your whole makeup.
If some of the knitting thread from your sweater came off, then you can use a bobby pin to correct it without having to sew it back.
You can file your shoes with a nail file if they seem too slippery and then apply some hair spray to them.

0:16 – How to avoid the camel toe
1:33 – Genius hacks for denim jeans
2:24 – DIY creative belt
4:34 – Beauty hacks for embarrassing moments
5:53 – Awesome hack for your eyelashes
7:08 – Smart and quick clothing fixes
9:47 – How to remove bad odor from your clothes

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