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Did you know that if you put polystyrene in acetone it just melts away and becomes a tiny little blob floating on the surface of the liquid? I have a ton more interesting experiments for you to try:
I show you how to make a non-Newtonian fluid – where it’s soft when you touch it and it can swallow any object lying on its surface, but if you punch it hard with your hand, it becomes solid.
If you pierce a bag filled with air using a pen, the ink from the pen will come out from the other side. That’s because the air pushes the ink out as it wants to escape from the bag.
Because of the ingredients present in lipsticks, if you melt one in a bowl filled with ice water, it will take a weird form and float on the surface without even mixing with the water.
If you squeeze an orange peel or a lemon peel on an inflated balloon it will immediately pop. This is because the acid in the fruit will dissolve the latex.
When you place water in an empty glass and it’s close to a pattern, then the water will immediately flip the image you’re receiving horizontally.
Watch until the end to see some more awesome science experiments. Such as why 1 nail can break a balloon and a lot of them can’t. And see what happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide with potassium permanganate.

0:25 – Gravity-defying chain trick
1:43 – Melted lipstick vs cold water
2:39 – Grapes vs magnets
4:36 – Silver eggs
5:48 – Amazing underwater candle
6:19 – How to make waterproof sand
8:08 – Receipt paper vs iron
9:18 – Amazing magic tricks to try today

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